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As Punishment For His Evil

The gods realized that their toleration of Loki had allowed evil to develop in Asgard.
They resolved to hunt him down and capture him.

Loki knew that the gods would punish him severely, so after they approached, Loki modified himself into a salmon and jumped into a stream.

A sensible god named Kvasir long-established a web that finally batman t shirt gap snared Loki. As punishment for his evil, the gods fastened Loki to 3 stones with ropes made from the intestines of his personal son.

Over his head, a poisonous snake dripped venom onto Fashion Cotton Autumn Wolverine Cartoon Children’s T-shirt his face. To ease his pain, Loki’s batman t shirt gap spouse, Sigun, joined him at his side and batman t shirt gap held a cup that caught the snake’s venom.

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