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Am I Robust Enough But

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I was worried when i heard Robin’s voice over the communicator. Batgirl clearly was too as after i looked over at her she bit her lip in worry and then ran off towards the back of the warehouse the place Robin had mentioned he was and where he had discovered this discovery.

As a lot as I love warehouses, I hate all the ineffective junk that was in the way in which of my x-ray imaginative and prescient. I was struggling to seek out where a single person was in a building due to all the stuff in the way in which of my sight. I ultimately discovered Robin at the again and lead Batgirl over in direction of his common course.

He was standing subsequent to two issues that instantly caught my consideration. The first object, well objects were crates that Joker had had his Goons ship right here. I used my x-ray imaginative and prescient on the crates and noticed computer components inside. One regarded like a clock.

On the again wall was a riddle. It was confusing and stated:
Kings and Queens may cling to energy, the Jester’s acquired his call. However as you might uncover, the common one outranks all of them. What Am I

It confused me and whilst I used to be strong and had superpowers, I used to be still coming to phrases with the English language and riddles have been nonetheless out of my grasp.

Lucky for all of us, Batgirl had already solved it and was looking on the wall making an attempt to determine the villains plans. I might nearly see the cogs turning in her head as she deliberate our next steps in seconds.

“Looks like Riddler has made his transfer.” Batgirl commented to us.
I knew that this Riddler was going to be hassle. Most villains had solely had brawn on their aspect however with Riddler he had each and if he teamed up with the opposite villains, we could have a significant catastrophe on our arms.

“Yeah he has.” Robin said frowning,” I’m so not feeling the aster.” Batgirl smirked at Robin’s attempt to lighten the mood. Even I could not help the small smirk that was forming on my face. Robin all the time seemed to know how to lighten the temper and make us forget the problems round us.

“So what’s the plan now ” I asked curiously. This riddle seemed to be a manner to draw us out of hiding in the shadows and to make us worry about what they is perhaps planning. Batgirl was once once more thinking out the plan.

“Properly, we all know Joker has a bomb being constructed somewhere and he’s using a plan made by Riddler. We do not know whether it is an old plan or a brand new one although, and we have no idea if Riddler is in on the action. Riddler is setting out riddles round town again and has an ace up his sleeve.” She summarised quickly. “We nonetheless need to seek out the rest of the escapees and round them all up. They may very well be wherever.”

“This is not going to be simple, is it ” I asked each Batgirl and Robin. We all checked out each other and an unspoken settlement passed between us. We knew what we had to do and now we had to act.

“We should always test the CCTV cameras round town to find the criminals easier. Joker is not smart sufficient to avoid them together with nearly all of the opposite criminals too. Riddler is the only one who will avoid them.” Robin stated and at that second I realised that Robin actually did know the mind of a criminal.

“It’s agreed then. We have to go to the Batcave and monitor the CCTV cameras but we additionally need someone in the city to look manually for anybody lurking out of sight of the cameras.” Batgirl summed up.

I instantly knew what I have to do. It was the logical selection as I may get to the scene the fastest and that i did not know my approach round the city so I would be finest searching through the cameras.

“You each know the city and you’ll test the places the place the criminals will most definitely be.” I said. I knew that I used to be making the best determination in the circumstances. “It makes sense that you two stay in the town and that i can return to the cave and watch the cameras. I’ll even be the fastest to help when you want me.”

They couldn’t argue with me and so they gave in. They grinned at me and all of us made our means exterior of the warehouse. The evening was still younger and the stars had been faintly twinkling in the cloudy evening.

I appeared over to Batgirl and Robin. They have been sorting out their grappling guns so they could scale the rooftops of the town. I actually was lucky. I had managed to survive a lot from the end of Krypton and Argon, to dropping all my family. Nevertheless I had gained a lot too. I had a brand new planet and i had pals for the primary time in my life. I’d do anything for them and they meant the world to me.

“Good luck!” I stated to them as I batman t shirt blue regularly began to float up into the sky. I gained my bearings and flew within the route of the Batcave.

It was a peaceful flight and i quickly reached the cave by the same entrance that me and Superman had used solely 14 hours ago. It had been an extended day.

I shortly flew as much as the computers the place I saw the butler Alfred drinking a cup of tea and glancing at the pc screens. I walked up behind him.

“Want any assist ” I asked as he turned round on the swivel chair to face me. He looked drained and half asleep.

“Oh Miss Kara, I didn’t hear you enter. Would you have the ability to batman t shirt blue look after the monitoring right here in the cave, I must catch some sleep.” Alfred said yawning uncontrollably.

“Yes, after all Alfred. You go sleep, I can handle this.” And with that he walked up the stairs and into the main constructing of Wayne Manor.

The screens in front of me all had pictures of locations in Gotham. Often I saw Batgirl or Robin leaping from one shadow to the subsequent. I noticed them scaling buildings and grappling from one constructing to the next. Up to now I had seen nothing suspicious

“Do you’ve gotten something to report Supergirl ” Batgirl spoke over the communicator channel.
“No, nothing as of yet but I’m nonetheless trying; something to report in your end ” I replied again instantly. I used to be getting the dangle of these computer systems. I scanned across the screens again and one thing green flashed on the screen exhibiting Gotham’s Central Park.

“Nothing is out right here…” she trailed off leaving me hanging. I knew that one thing was happening in town.

“Batgirl, I’ve a question…”I began and i knew that there was going to be trouble any minute now as soon as I informed her. “Hasn’t Robin been extremely quiet on the communicator channel “

I hadn’t seen Robin on any of the screens for a minute now. He was final near Central Park and that was when i saw the inexperienced flash.

“Oh no…” Batgirl began. I knew what was going to occur and i saw the display screen which Batgirl was on. I watched as she faced the cameras.

“Batgirl,” I started hesitantly, “which criminal wears inexperienced ” I was remembering the green query mark near the riddle and knew that this might be Riddler’s plan.

“Riddler and his henchmen, Echo and Query do, however why do you want to know ”
“Robin was last seen close to Central Park and i additionally just noticed a inexperienced flash like somebody running from cowl to cover. I believe Riddler has Robin.” I acknowledged.

I saw another inexperienced flash a block away from Batgirl. They were going for her subsequent!
“Batgirl they’re heading for you. It’s important to get out of there!” I warned her however it was too late. I saw a inexperienced figure behind her and as she turned around her eyes widened and she fell to the ground unconscious. The inexperienced woman who I assumed was either Echo or Query, picked up Batgirl and slung her over her shoulder.

I was shocked.
Each of my buddies had been captured and that i needed to search out them and rapidly too. Little did I know that I needn’t look any further than a Television display to be capable of finding Batgirl and Robin.

I was walking upstairs to find Alfred and to tell him what had occurred when the Television burst into life. A man stood on the display screen and by his facet was a woman and a man.

The first man was sporting a purple pinstriped swimsuit and had white face-paint on and a clown’s smile painted on his face along with black eyes. He appeared mentally insane and from the knowledge I had on Gotham’s criminals I knew that he was the notorious Joker.

The other man stood to the Joker’s right hand facet was carrying a inexperienced go well with. The jacket had silver query marks on it and he also held in his hands a silver cane that was shaped like a query mark too. Batgirl had already instructed me that Riddler liked green so this must’ve been him.

Lastly was the woman standing on Joker’s left hand side had the identical white face paint and black eyes on as Joker but she had purple lipstick on as a substitute of the clown smile. She had messy blonde hair that was tied up in pigtails on either facet of her head. Her costume was purple and black; the highest half being purple on left and black on proper, then the bottom half of her costume had black on the left facet and pink on the right. She had black diamonds on the purple sections of her costume. She also carried an enormous mallet that seemed prefer it was too heavy for her. I instantly knew who she was by the fact that she could not keep her eyes off of Joker. She was obviously Harley Quinn.

It seemed Batgirl was proper when she suspected that Joker had teamed up with Riddler and so they were utilizing certainly one of Riddler’s plans.

“Hi there citizens of Gotham…” Joker stated in a hysterical voice. He let out a maniacal snicker proper after he said that. Most individuals can be scared but I wasn’t what so ever. “We’re back! So let’s get the party started.” He let off another maniacal snicker and the digicam flashed to Batgirl and Robin who have been tied up and so they regarded to be unconscious nonetheless. “Batsy I think you are missing a number of child bats and birds.”

“Oh Puddin’ can I soften them up a bit ” Harley mentioned in a wickedly sweet voice, she then laughed manically too like Joker but she sounded like a hyena dying when she laughed. It was horrible.

“Sure Harls. Do not hold back, will you…” Joker replied with an insane smirk on his face.
Harley walked over to Robin and that i saw that they have been tied up separately. Harley picked up Robin and dropped him harshly on the ground. Robin let out a low groan and Harley started to kick him, over and time and again. Robin had managed to crawl into a ball to guard himself a bit higher, nevertheless it wasn’t doing much to assist him.

I let out a cry and some tears fell down my face. I used to be about to run upstairs and get Alfred however as I turned I noticed that he was already behind me and that he had a grim face on too. I had clearly been too engrossed within the criminals broadcast that I hadn’t noticed him. Alfred simply placed a hand on my shoulder and we both turned again to the Tv.

Harley had lastly stopped beating Robin up and was strolling back to the place Joker and Riddler had been standing. I had solely simply noticed the place where they have been standing was Central Park.

“So what do you say Batsy Would you like another Robin to bite the mud I might get the crowbar out once more and kill this Robin simply like the final one.” Riddler stepped forward while Joker was laughing at his personal joke. He looked mildly amused at Joker’s remark but shrugged it off and started to speak.

“Listen intently Batman I will solely say this once: Two dangers, not in same place, twenty minute countdown, that is our ace!”

As soon because the final word left his mouth the screen went black. I just stood there staring at it in horror. My associates have been prisoner now and that i had to save them. It was all all the way down to me, solely me.

Am I strong sufficient yet
Alfred positioned a hand on my shoulder and as I seemed up I knew what we had to do. I ran right down to the Batcave and picked up my communicator, inserting it in my ear. Alfred looked at me as soon as again and smiled. He had sat back in the chair which overlooked all the screens. He could be monitoring my progress as I attempt to get to Batgirl and Robin.

“I am going to go to the Police Department first and reassure them. Then you may inform me where there are many henchmen and I’ll travel to that place and the second area must be Central Park. Am I proper ” I said confidently to him even though I used to be fighting the butterflies in my stomach in the intervening time.

“You can be fantastic Kara.” He stated in his English accent while slightly calming the butterflies, “I will enable you. Go my pricey.” And with that I flew out of the Cave and headed straight towards the Police Department.

The trip was eerily quiet not like the final time I had taken this journey, just a few hours ago. It was nearing dawn now and any minute the sun can be rising and a new day would start. A new day and a brand new ray of hope, hopefully.

I landed on the roof and saw the Commissioner Gordon who we had spoken to earlier. He had the identical deputies as earlier with him and he had a stressed out look on his face, nonetheless he seemed barely relieved when i hovered close to him, nearly like he thought no one was going to return.

“Don’t fret, I will discover them and I know precisely where to look.” The phrases came out confidently like they were simply falling out of my lips.

“What are they planning We can’t appear to piece his riddle together and it would not make any sense. Have you learnt something ” One of the deputies behind the Commissioner stated.

“We found a few of Joker’s goons with bomb elements earlier and on the back of the warehouse was a riddle. Batgirl solved it but it just appeared to be a taunt. Riddler said he had an ace. We knew Joker was building bombs and now we know that they’re working together. There are 2 bombs to do away with; one can have Robin as bait. The opposite bomb however, I am not so sure about what might lie there.”

They checked out me stunned and flabbergasted. It was almost as I used to be looking at fish. The Commissioner smiled at me and nodded. I took that as a signal to head off. Earlier than I left although, I said one final thing.

“Don’t be concerned, I won’t let my only associates down and Robin is strong. He will survive. I’ve acquired this.”

And with that I flew off in the opposite direction to the Warehouses and the harbour and into the downtown of Gotham as this was where Robin’s distress signal was coming from.

All I had to do was save Robin then find the other bomb and then save Batgirl. Simple, right