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Civil Conflict Submit-Credits Scene Revealed

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The version of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil Struggle that’s been screened for press over the last couple of weeks didn’t comprise a post-credits stinger (solely a brief scene involving Bucky right after the end title sequence), however the movie has now officially opened in Korea and France, and details of a spectacular second scene are doing the rounds.

The scene in question is going to make Spider-Man followers very pleased, as we meet up with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) following batgirl t shirt quantum his intense battle with a number of of The Avengers‘ most interesting.

Here’s a full breakdown of the scene in question, courtesy of CBM:
The scene opens with Peter Parker enjoying around with his web-shooters (though these are ones which have been seemingly rebuilt for him by Tony Stark) as he has a conversation together with his Aunt Could. Impulsively, a purple beam shines from it, something he’s compelled to cover when she walks into Batgirl his bedroom. All the while, they’re talking about Peter’s black eye, one he admits he received from a guy known as Steve from Brooklyn…yes, THAT Steve from Brooklyn!

There’s some enjoyable banter between Peter and his hot aunt – including a refined reference to Giant-Man – after which Peter shines the beam up on the ceiling, revealing the classic pink Spidey logo he would shine on criminals in the comics, only it’s now some kind of laptop interface. The screen goes to black, and we see “Spider-Man will return.

It’s nice to listen to that we’ll be getting some extra of Spidey within the movie – especially since he basically just vanishes from the story after taking a number of licks batgirl t shirt quantum during the airport battle, and shares a few remaining phrases with Iron Man. Plus, seeing as he’s undoubtedly a spotlight of the movie, followers will little doubt be pleased to spend a number of more minutes with him earlier than his upcoming solo outing.