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Ragnarok Easter Eggs

Director Taika Waititi has gone full retro for the third batgirl birthday shirt vietnam Thor movie. Luckily for him, he has 55 years of comedian e book adventures featuring the God of Thunder to draw on, and draw upon them he does.

Remember that point Thor was a frog And that point Thor learned he had a secret sister Listed here are the references and callbacks to Marvel Comics and past in Thor: Ragnarok.

(Warning: Contains spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok. Or we wouldn’t be doing our jobs.)
1. Throg

“Sorry about that point I turned you right into a frog,” says Loki after Thor finds him pretending to be Odin.

The factor is, Thor really was turned right into a frog (typically generally known as ‘Throg’) within the comics. This was part of Walt Simonson’s beloved ’80s run on the sequence, one chapter of which noticed the transformed Thor teaming up with Central Park’s amphibious population towards an military of rats.

The person batgirl birthday shirt vietnam accountable for the curse placed on Thor Loki, naturally.
2. Scrapper 142

Scrapper 142 is the title that Valkyrie goes by in her guise as a servant of the Grandmaster.
Her origin is a bit confusing, however the Incredible Hulk #142 featured the primary appearance by Valkyrie .(Or at the least a human girl transformed into an exact copy of her. See: completely confusing.)

3. Thor’s secret sister
In mythology, Hela is technically Thor’s adopted niece (by her father and his half-brother, Loki). As revealed in the film, the MCU version of the character is Thor’s secret sister.

This is not the primary time Odin has hidden the existence of a daughter. The Neil Gaiman-created character Angela was revealed in 2014 to be the All-Father’s long-lost little one. She was raised in the secret Tenth Realm after she was kidnapped as a baby by a race of angelic warriors (hence the on-the-nose name).

4. Champions of Sakaar
The enormous totem on Grandmaster’s gladiator planet Sakaar was noticed in the film’s trailers. It features images of the arena’s former champions, including Man-Factor, Thor ally Beta Ray Invoice, ancient Greek conflict god Ares and the monster Bi-Beast.

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