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Transformers 4 Movie Rumours

Men's Cotton Deadpool Clipart Short Sleeve Tee ShirtJoblo have posted an article from a “supply” claiming to affirm who a few of the Transformers will likely be appearing in the newest live motion movie. This should very much be taken with a baseball action figures pinch of salt as the script it is supposedly from could simply be a fan produced piece of fiction. For these not desirous to be spoilt, look away now.

From Joblo:
That is right, people, our source has confirmed that TRANSFORMERS 4 will feature none aside from the famed Dinobots, including fan favourite Grimlock. No phrase on whether or not he’ll retain his neanderthal voice, but one can solely hope he does as that’s a real staple of the character. One of many villains of the movie will probably be a personality named Lockdown, who has a ship filled with decommissioned Transformers, together with the dinobots, that are by some means introduced back to life by a captured Optimus Prime. Prime is joined by returning autobot Bumblebee and at one level each characters (and doubtlessly others) will “journey” the Dinobots into battle in Hong Kong (which suits effectively within the announcement that the movie would movie partially in China), with Prime on Grimlock and Bumblebee on a Pterandon, presumably Swoop.

Additionally, the autobot Hound will make his debut, in addition to a former “Samurai” Decepticon that wants to regain his baseball action figures honor and develop into an Autobot (Replace: Source confirms that is Drift). And what about Megatron, who’s presumed lifeless after the last film Properly, followers of TRANSFORMERS: THE Movie will likely be blissful to know that not solely will the dinobots be making their debut, but in addition Galvatron, who’s basically Megatron “reborn” (and originally voiced by the first Spock, Leonard Nimoy).

So those characters who’re listed are:
1. Optimus Prime
2. Grimlock
three. Swoop (assumed)
4. Lockdown
5. Bumblebee
6. Hound
7. Drift

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