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Joker Plays The Hero In DC Comics’ Batman: White Knight

Men's C3PO Cartoon Custom Long Sleeve T-ShirtUpdate: Author/artist Sean Gordon Murphy has revealed a fun new detail about Batman: White Knight, one which links the series to the 1989 Batman film. Murphy revealed on Twitter immediately that his version of Joker can have a full civilian identify – Jack Napier. That was arrow shirts dc the identify of Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie before he fell into a vat of chemicals and was reborn as Joker. However as Murphy points out, the “Jack Napier” identify has by no means been utilized in DC’s comics outside of the adaptation of Batman ’89.

In fact, Batman: White Knight is not set in traditional DC continuity, but it is still enjoyable to see this bit of Batman lore make its way into the comics. And with there currently being three arrow shirts dc Jokers operating across the DCU lately, maybe there’s room for a Jack Napier in Gotham Metropolis.

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DC announcing a brand new Batman comic is not precisely shocking information, but Batman: White Knight options a reasonably distinctive promoting point. This upcoming mini-collection will feature Joker as the hero and Batman as the villain.

White Knight options Sean Gordon Murphy (Tokyo Ghost) as both author and artist and can run for seven points beginning in October.

Batman: White Knight #1 cowl by Sean Gordon Murphy. (DC Comics)
The collection opens with Joker lastly being cured of his madness and violent behavior. Now referring to himself as Jack, the reformed villain will set about righting the numerous wrongs of his past and making an attempt to make Gotham City a greater place. Part of that mission will involve ridding the town of unlawful vigilantes like Batman.

“We know Joker’s a genius, we all know he’s relentless, and we know he can play the group, so why not make him a politician ” stated Murphy in DC’s press release. “Why not strip away the psychosis (the factor that is holding him again) and let him challenge Batman unimpeded And to make it even scarier, what if he did it legally and without breaking any guidelines, so that Batman couldn’t stop him ”

Batman: White Knight #1 inside art by Sean Gordon Murphy. (DC Comics)
“Seeing Gotham for the first time with clear eyes, his psychosis now cured, he begins to understand the absurdity of vigilantism and the way Batman’s actions are only contributing to Gotham’s endless crime cycle,” Murphy continued. “Joker sets out to beat Batman by becoming the White Knight that Gotham really wants.”

Look for Batman: White Knight #1 to hit stores on October four.
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