And Neither Of Them

Timed completely with the launch of the Surprise Woman, today Wonder Woman Annual is jam-filled with stories that spotlight Diana energy, hope, and love. It also features an excellent little story about her first encounter with Bruce and Clark in the new fifty two that is as cute as a button.

Written by outgoing Wonder Lady Rebirth author Greg Rucka, with artwork by Nicola Scott, Romulo Fajardo Jr, and Jodi Wynne, nd Then There have been Three is short, candy, and covers a monumental moment in DC resurrected canon (although it seems to be clearly rooted in the brand new 52 de-aging of these characters, it onerous to tell if it affected by Superman current meddling with the timeline. However honestly, no one ought to care about that).

You think the meeting of DC trinity could be extra monumental, however what makes nd Then There were Three particular is how easy and endearing it’s. After Diana makes herself recognized to the general public rescuing Steve Trevor, each Batman and Superman decide they’ve to analyze the appearance of this mysterious new superpowered being, which naturally leads to the cutest stakeout ever as they study an army base she taken Steve to:

Critically, having been lost on this planet of Injustice these days, I virtually forgotten just how enjoyable it is to see Clark and Bruce pleasant with one another. Well, a minimum of as riendly as Bruce can be. So she pulls out her lasso of truth he olden excellent, she calls it, in Themysciran nd invitations them to hold it, and share their names.

Apart from one other cute moment between Batman and Superman, that pretty much it. The lasso powers lead Diana to implicitly trust the 2 costumed goofballs in entrance of her, and a second later she bouncing back off into the sky, promising to talk with them again quickly. It a wonderful second that speaks to the inherent hope that makes Diana the hero she is 攼r eventually will, after this story omeone optimistic and hopeful enough to instantly decide these two men as comparable heroes, and yet at the same time naive enough to the world of man that she immediately expects them to do the identical of her…

And neither of them, not even Krypton finest and brightest, can hold a candle to the sense of justice Diana holds in her heart. At the very least, not until they go on to turn out to be the world best heroes together, that is.