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To Dye Or To not Dye

To dye or to not dye That’s the question.
Though we’re not colourist experts here at Luxy, we will certainly let you know a factor or two about what occurs once you color your hair. On this blog put up, we’ll cover the basics of what actually goes on when your hair is being dyed, in addition to completely different colouring methods. Is it actually as damaging as we’re usually led to imagine We’ll get to that in a bit, however first issues first:

What’s in a hair, anyway
100s 1g/s Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #1 Jet BlackThe primary ingredient in our hair is a protein referred to as keratin, which can also be what our fingernails are made from. Keratin is colourless and is organized in overlapping scales in a hair strand, which makes it versatile. Fairly neat, huh

To not get too scientific on you, here is a fundamental diagram of what a hair strand appears to be like like:
a. Cortex – that is the middle part of the hair strand, which comprises moisture and melanin (pigment that provides your hair its color! If you beloved this short article and you would like to get far more details relating to Mega kindly stop by our own webpage.)

b. Cuticle – that is the protecting outer layer of the hair strand, which really determines how wholesome your hair seems! If the cuticle is clean, your hair appears silky and shiny. If the cuticle is raised, your hair seems to be extra dry and broken.

For science fans: eumelanin is the darkish pigment which provides black and brown hair color, and phaeomelanin is a lighter 3 buns hairstyle pigment that provides hair red, orange, and golden blonde colours. The combination of these two sorts of melanin is what provides you your distinctive hair shade 🙂 Lack of pigment leads to white or gray hair.

So, what occurs when hair is colored
Everlasting Hair Color

It is a two step course of. When permanent hair dye is applied to the hair, ammonia (alkalizing agent) causes the cuticle to ‘open up’ and let the dye in. Then, peroxide (oxidizing agent) is used to penetrate into the hair cortex and take away your present hair color (melanin). As soon as that occurs, the brand new color is left in your hair cortex, leaving it a brand new color! Conditioner is used to shut the cuticle back to seal the brand new colour in.

This can also be the method used when bleaching or lightening your hair, except the melanin is ‘201Ceaten away” or extracted until you get the lightened shade that you decide (and your natural hair colour cannot be replaced till it grows back in!).

Semi-permanent Hair Color
This can be a extra gentle colouring course of which often lasts 4-6 weeks. Semi-permanent dye does not have ammonia or peroxide, and simply adds tiny colour molecules to the cuticle of your hair without dramatically changing the original hair colour. Since these molecules are small, they eventually escape the cuticle and the color fades out after a number of shampoos.

Demi-everlasting Hair Colour
This dye lasts a bit longer than semi-permanent, about 8-12 weeks, has no ammonia, but a bit bit of peroxide. This kind of hair color coats every hair strand with color and creates bigger molecules in the hair cortex, which is why it lasts a bit longer.

Will colouring my hair damage it
So, our lovelies, as you’ve read above – hair colouring is quite the process! When you do decide to color your hair, in fact, we suggest opting for semi-permanent hair dyes, as they are the least damaging to your hair. Permanent hair dyes are the most harmful, and if used too often, may end up in damaged and dry hair. Although conditioners do help seal the cuticle after the colouring course of is completed, the hair strand will not revert to the condition it was in originally without your help.

If you happen to colour your hair, make sure that to keep it moisturized, keep away from utilizing sizzling instruments as a lot as potential, and use hair products designed specifically for coloured hair.

Yet one more thing..
Unless you’re an knowledgeable behind the science of hair colouring, we strongly recommend having your hair colored by professionals! There are many components that affect how hair colouring works, akin to your current hair shade, hair type, and situation.